Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Curiosity Wet the Cat

Truffle has been wanting to get into the shower for a while, 
infact anywhere we go she wants to
be with  us.

She was a little surprised to say the least
when she discovered the water 
falling on her.


Recovering after cleaning herself up.

She certainly makes the house more interesting

Hope everyone is dry

Mekaela xx

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Look for The Boutique Markets

My decorating fund has dried up over Christmas so
it is time to go back to work.
Kids are back at  School this week (quiet yeah!)

I have been a stall holder at the Boutique Markets in Hamilton
Brisbane since they began a couple of years ago.

A beautiful spot on the river but it's time for a change.

This year will find The Boutique Markets at
 King George Square in Brisbane.

Less markets, only four a year but bigger and better

So put the first date on your calender and come 
by and say hello.

February 26th  9am - 1pm

A few shots from the Christmas Market at

This year I am going to be trying out some new ideas
with the possibility of a range of Tween to Teen
Keep you posted.

Have a great Sunday

Mekaela xx

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ruby's Party

Just popping in to share a few pics from Ruby's Party.
Unfortunately the weather was bad, we had the party inside
which was fine but the pics are a bit dark
On my wish list this year is a new camera.

Loot bags with a cute Eiffel tower key ring

Linen, pink and white with a hint of black

I managed to not burn the meringues

Little Eiffel Tower place card holders and found 
a free down loadable card to print on

Cake Pops,  These are fun and cute but not sure they
are to every ones taste  buds.  Very sweet.
I did some chocolate ones and some cake with white 
chocolate cheesecake mix instead of icing. 
 They were nice.

We went the day before to the Rocklea Flower
Market for flowers, not as cheap as I thought.
Just and cheap at the little flower market in 

Miss Ruby received a lovely gold Eiffel Tower
necklace as well as some other lovely gifts.
A lovely afternoon in all, with champers and
nibbles for Mum's in the kitchen.

And last but not least.
The Coco Chanel hand bag cake
I did this at 11 pm the night before
so a little rough around the edges.
Just used supermarket roll out icing.
I found some that was about 3 times the price.
May give you a better finish but was happy with this.

We had a lot of fun, but time to get ready to head
back to school next week.
A big year for us.
Happy Thursday
Mekaela x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party Decorating Obsession

I am planning the High Tea for Ruby's Birthday Party
and have become a little obsessed with researching for it.

As it is possibly the last time she will let me go a little 
over the top for a party I am going to have some fun with it.

There are so many amazing websites and business that are
just amazing with all the supplies and ideas, there really is no
excuse to be boring.

Some party eye candy

I love this one for our Paris theme

We are doing pink and white.

I am going to have a go at these little cake pops.
Very effective and I don't think they will be very hard to do.

Look at these amazing hydrangea cupcakes
She has amazing ideas including recipes and tutorials.

These Easter and Christmas spreads are so lovely
and could easily be used at any party

images via pintrest and google

I also came across a lovely online magazine 
called The Party Dress Magazine  
which is an American magazine but is full of great
ideas as well as links to great suppliers and websites.

You could go seriously nuts if you had no budget.

Going to investigate the flower markets at Rocklea on 
Has anyone been there, is it worth the trip??

Happy Thursday


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Few House Pics

We are still trying to get the house in order and
with the kids home on school holidays it is hard to keep
things clean and organized long enough to photograph anything.

Don't look too closely the front hand rails still need top coating

My mushroom and berry wreath for Christmas looks lovely
on the white door.

We planted out the section in front of the house
with a murraya hedge to cover the fence, lirriope, lavender,
agapanthas and a magnolia tree, which hopefully won't take 
too long to get some height.
The front path is going to be tiled in the same
honed sandstone that we are using around the pool.

Coach lights

As you can imagine I was very excited to see this arrive
just before Christmas

My beautiful Villa Maison table and chairs
On the wish list for this year is a Hampton's
Library to put across the back wall.
Just deciding on white or burnt oak to match the table top??

And as you can see Miss Truffle has settled in to the 
Ruby & Belle house beautifully

And finally a happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl
Ruby was 10 yesterday 

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Pool for the New Year

We are taking the New Year in full swing and 
starting our pool in a couple of weeks.

I spent yesterday painting the kids bathroom and toilet
and started doing doors and trim.
Mr R&B spent the day painting the outside hand rails.

We are determined to finish off the painting before our first 
anniversary of being in the house.

We had a fleeting visit to Sydney over Christmas to visit
family, there is never enough time to see every one and do everything.

I did get a chance to pop into the beautiful Alfresco Emporium on the Northern
Beaches, but came away empty handed sadly as everything
I would have liked was too big for my suitcase.

Here are some beautiful inspirational pool images I found.
We have a plan of what we are going to do
and are very excited to be starting.

Of course ours will be a little less grand but
we will have a covered pergola at one end 

We are using honed Himalayan Sandstone coping and pavers
and glass mosaic water line tile in a pearly aqua finish
with a light pebble.

Hopefully it will have a soft appearance and blend 
into the landscape nicely.

Happy Monday