Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of the Closet

I think this is a great idea and seriously thinking of using it in my Ruby's new room.
She is messier than me (if that is at all possible) and to be able to close the door on it would be awesome plus the complete fun of having a secret space.
I love the little hanging storage on the doors, and the wall paper on the back wall.
image Country Living magazine

Inspiring my love for birds, bird cages and anything birdy, I found these gorgeous bird houses from Rosewood Dovecoats, they are Australian.  How beautiful are they, I think one in my new garden is a must.

I am going to finally start working on a bird house for my range so keep tuned and I will post some pics  as it progresses.
Have a lovely weekend. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Off for a busy day on my one day with no Children.  
On the search for some Linen fabric, if anyone knows a good place in the Brisbane area please let me know.

Going to go through Paddington and check out my favorite homewares stores and maybe indulge in a quiet coffee.
For those who are not label  loyal, I was in Recolections at Logan yesterday and they have done a small range of cane pieces that are very similar to the Riviera Maison things.
I found little cane lanterns just like this one for $15, slightly more rustic you could say but still very cute.
One last day before a lovely break with the kids and off for a few days to see my Mum and Dad.

Dream home

A late post today.
Found this while looking for kitchen ideas.
I'm going to buy it when I win the lotto.  How divine is this place.
It's on 100 acres in the Byron Hinter land, so picturesque.
My Mum has put bids in for the house over the garage.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter Warmers

I thought Qld was supposed to be warm and sunny.
Feels like a Sydney winter day and our heating in the living room is on the blink.
Going to make myself a hot drink and cosy up with some sewing.  Good day to do some work.
                                                               image courtesy of Tesco Magazine.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ruby & Belle

I took my first official order from the new website this week, very exciting!
I went back to Ascot yesterday to pick up a mirror I saw on the weekend. Thank you A-M for your inspiration, am pinching your mirrors in your boys bathroom.

And on the way  back through I quickly called in to a stunning little shop called Lyle & Bank on Racecourse Rd.
I found 2 of these little lovelies and snapped them up.  Have been searching for some for ages.  Just need one more.  So if anyone sees one in their travels please let me know.
Hope everyone has a great day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mathilda's Markets

After another great day at Mathilda's Markets, Ruby and I popped in to a little shop in Ascot called Victor Scot.  A lovely gift and homewares shop that  has lots of those French collection style homewares.
Could have easily spent the days takings in one hit but have to save for my Riviera  Maison bar stools for my new kitchen.  Completely in love with these.

This morning we are off to the block of land to meet the builder to go over a few things.
Ahh, one step closer to my dream home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More time

Don't you think we should get an Alice as standard issue when you get married and have kids.
Then there would be more time to sew and relax here

Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative Baking

As promised, I baked with my Ruby yesterday. Due to a lack of 'interesting' bakeware we decided to make the cake in a pudding steamer.  We were going to turn it upside down and make a dome but it came out like a huge cupcake.
After a little secret remodeling by Tobey, my three year old, Ruby did some creative cake decorating and this is what we ended up with.
Now back to the sewing machine.

Boutique Markets

A beautiful day down at Hamilton.
Leasl and Rachael did a great job putting together the Kids and Pets Day.
A sad good bye to Leasl as she leaves us for other things.  All the best, we will miss you.

The Chandelier birdcages are available by order.  Contact me through the website if you are interested.
Off to get ready for Mathilda's on Saturday.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Off to Market

One more sleep to go till Ruby and Belle has it's Launch at the Boutique Markets on Sunday.
I will miss my red polka dots but love my new look.
Rachael from A Room For Everyone is kindly doing a spot on her blog on Ruby and Belle so pop over here to see her inspiring blog.
Will leave you with some pics of my girls.  Have a lovely weekend.

Don't forget the Boutique Markets on Sunday at Portside Wharf.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitchen Lights

After a little research I found Interiors Online, who are importing some Riviera Maison from Holland.
Anyone who is a fan will know that they are not being imported for retail at the moment so there things are getting hard to find. I have just put in an order for these gorgeous pendant lights for my kitchen island bench....

And dreaming of these for my open shelves in my shaker style kitchen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to my new blog.

Here I will be posting things of creativity, inspiration and little snippets of our house while  we are building.
Not all of my items make it to my website so drop in here to find special orders and market pieces.
I will also keep you updated with my Market movements.
This Sunday is the official launch of Ruby and Belle at the Boutique Markets at Hamilton.  A lovely morning out, and so many beautiful things for sale.
 Some lovely  new items  will be on display plus many of my old favorites.  
The new website is up and running, still need to add more items but will do so over the next few weeks

These have to be my favorite Bird Cages so far.
I waited a long time for them to come into stock and I unfortunately only ordered a few sets and are now out of stock again.
So off to market they go on Sunday.  Available in two sizes, be quick as they won't last long.
They are made from a combination of white painted timber and  wire with my little hanging bird with a white feathered tail.

Portside is running a Kids and Pets day on Sunday with a fashion Parade and lots of fun things.  Check out the details here.
Next Saturday I am heading to Mathilda's Markets at Ascot Race Course.
Details are here