Monday, April 16, 2012

Donna Hay Blue

I have made my Donna Hay  purchases at David
Jones but the  Donna Hay General store has so
much more.  Lucky I don't live in Sydney anymore or I
would be visiting the store at every chance.

I might have to make a few online purchases.

I love these little silicon condiment bowls

Pretty cake stand with holes for cooling.

My dream shop frontage.

Blue cotton twine, love it.

Love her cake stands, if only she did one in blue.

Off to do some work.
Have a lovely Monday.
Mekaela x

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Monday Breakfast.

Started off the morning with  something yummy.
The kids had a small stack of pancakes with 
frozen berries, ice cream and maple syrup.

I opted for pancakes cooked with
fresh ricotta berries then topped with
fresh ricotta and maple syrup.

Just one for me.

Diet starts next week.

Mekaela x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pergola and Pool update.

We had a re-think on the pool pergola
yesterday.  I suddenly realized that we would
be looking down on the roof of it from our veranda
and we have a surf mist roof.  Might be a bit glarey.

So we thought maybe a white pergola with something beautiful
growing over the top.

We also have to decide on a pool fence colour.
The pool guys all say to go for a dark colour like 
the picture below but I  am wondering if it will 
look to heavy against our light house.

Thought?  I was leaning towards surf mist
which is the colour of our roof

Or a light one like below??

Just love this whole picture.

Now vision it here, about where that box it sitting, 
surrounded by sandstone pavers and strip gardens.
A nice Magnolia or olive tree to the right.

And a couple of Adirondack chairs in front.

available via

Coping and waterline tiles are done.

Drifting sand Himalayan Quartz tiles
and glass Azure mosaics
I love the way they shimmer in the sun

Can't wait till its finished, but don't think there
will be swimming until next summer.

Have a great day
Mekaela  xx

Monday, April 2, 2012

Having fun with Easter

We are having a little Easter brunch Soiree with our neighbours
so my Ruby and I decided we will have a bit of fun
with it.  Also gives us some Holiday crafts to do.

We went hunting for some ideas, you can't 
go past Martha for some great craft and decorating ideas.

something new to do with my hanging birds

I love wreaths and always looking for an excuse
 to bring them out anytime.

I love this egg shaped one with the birds
and the nest.

We started blowing out the eggs
getting ready to decorate.
The $2 shops and Spotlight also have
some great cheap Easter craft.


These could be done with poly eggs
or blown eggs

Going to do one of these cloches with some candied 
eggs from Big W

Going to finish off the morning with an Easter hunt.

What are you doing for Easter?