Saturday, February 26, 2011

Starting to take shape

We just had a meeting with our builder out at the house to go over some final details.
The electrical work begins Wednesday and the gyprockers are booked for Friday.
The kitchen and bathroom vanities are booked for the 10th March, so fingers, toes and eyes crossed 
that all will run smoothly and on time.

A few piccy's

Entrance lights.  At the moment I have them on the front next to the windows either side of the front door.  Or should they go inside the alcove????

Happy with how the fixed windows turned out, the house is lovely and light inside.
The Pine river breeze keeps the house lovely and cool.
Can't wait to move in 

Mekaela xx

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turning 40

I decided to sneek away on the weekend and let turning 40 pass by quietly.
Not that I was worried about it, as they say life starts at 40.
But with all the building chaos in our life it was the easiest option.

We stayed at Peppers Salt resort and Kingscliff, lovely.

Hubby has promised our Ruby that he will buy an apartment there
when we win the lotto, she would move in in a heart beat.

My Mum and Dad came to stay with us for a couple of nights and 
my Mum and I snuck off for a few hours and ventured down to Bangalow.

What a little hidden treasure.

Completely fell in love with a shop called Island Luxe.
Apparently they have opened up another store in Byron Bay

I have misplaced my camera so have borrowed a  pic from Driftwood Interiors.

The dress on the stand is hand printed in Silk, completely Divine.
Having a background in textile design it caught my eye and as soon as my
little man passes the stage of rubbing messy fingers on my
 clothes I may go and buy one of her pieces.

I will get back to you on the designer , Mum wrote it down and am going to
do some research on her.

They also carry the Lee Mathews Label, which I have seen pop up in a few shops lately.
I worked for Lee for a while sewing and a little pattern making before I had my little man.
Such beautiful clothing.

The house is moving along quite quickly now, and alot of my spare time is being 
taken up rushing around organizing all the details and purchasing bathroom things
and lighting etc.

This is the last lot of photos I have taken but more has been done so 
will get down there this week to take some more ( as soon as I find that camera)

Is any one good at Bathroom Design out there, need to make final decisions on the
bathrooms today and having trouble..  Ahhh!!!
Too much pressure.

Have a great Day
Mekaela xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweat Shop

The humidity here in Brisbane has been pretty high this week, I almost
thought we were going to get away with a not  so hot summer but 
seems it is just coming late.

As my garage / workroom heats up like a sauna  and I attempt staying cool with my
pedestal fan it makes my wish more that our house was finished so that
I can sew in the comfort of an air conditioned room.

My current work space is a bit of a messy disaster and as any sewer / crafter
knows you can never have enough storage.  
I keep hunting around for ideas so that I get it right.
I found this via the Ikea Hackers Blog.
I have been looking for a big table to go in the centre of the room, one that has
storage underneath


This is made up with Ikea Kitchen cabinets
They have used a glass top which is lovely but may just go with  melamine.

I love this space (think I have posted this one before)

I wonder if I could ever be this organized.

More Kitchen cupboards.
Beautiful, easy to see and dust free.

Love it.

Back to the sweat shop.

Have a great weekend.

Mekaela xx

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Girls on the Block

I was very honoured to be awarded the Marketeer of the Month at
the Butterfly Tree Markets on the Gold Coast in December.
Thank you to all the lovely shoppers who voted for me.
I will be back down there This Sunday 6th Feb.
If you are around pop in and check out some of the amazing talent.

New blondies or at least  alighter brown.  I attempted some blondies a while back but they
were a bit yellow so these are my new version.
New fabric range too, very sweet.




 Flower buttoned shoes.


Pencil Rolls have had a little makeover too.
The ribbon tie on the old version looked lovely but a bit fiddly to handle.
So I came up with this idea some time ago and finally got around
to trying it out.  Works like a treat.

Love this cute little Elephant fabric.

The insides have had a bit of a lift too. :-)

The cute Squirrel trees are still available on the website.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.
Thoughts and prayers are going out to those effected by the weather up north.