Monday, January 31, 2011

A Roof

We have a roof, and some windows and some cladding.
The floor will hopefully go down sometime in the next week or two so am praying that the 
rain stays away till the outside is all closed up.

Trying to be patient, not very successfully :-)

My little man decided the garage is going to be his new room.
Whenever we go out to see the house he says
"I don't want to go home I want to live here".
Me too little Buddy. Me too.

Mekaela xx

Tomorrow I will be posting an market update and also some pics of 
some lovely new things from Ruby & Belle

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orgaized Inspiration

My New Years Resolution, well one of them anyway, is to become more organized.
As we are currently renting some of the ideas I have will have to wait until we move into the new 
house, but I have decided to start finding some inspirational pictures to get me ready.
My first project will be de cluttering the house and not packing "stuff" into boxes.


Let's see how much of this actually happens.

My Ruby is even more messy than me, if that were even possible.
So I am looking for some fun and inspiring ways to get us both into
a better routine.
Still wish we had Pottery Barn here, but will have to make do with ikea and Howard's Storage.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Loving Blue

The house is a little quieter with the big kids back at school today.
I love having them home but also love it when they go back :-)

The roof went up on our house last week so will try and get out there in the
next  couple of days to take some pics.

I have pretty much finished up with the kitchen design or at least I thought  I had until
Veranda House blog posted these pics of J Lo's kitchen, so beautiful.
I was tempted to go back and start over, but would like to remain married :-)

How stunning is this, but I feel that it would only be done justice if it was painted wood.
I don't think a vinyl wrap would quite have the same amazing appeal.
But it would fit perfectly into our house design.
Oh well next house.

A couple of things on my kitchen wish list.

Could someone please tell me why these are more than twice the price here as they are in the U.S
Crazy.  Also I found this lovely colour Glacier Blue but is only available in the UK as far
as I can see.  Shame.  

Some lovelies from Dualit.
How much is too much to spend on a toaster?????

I do love a little colour co-ordination :-)

Enjoy your day.
Mekaela xx

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little House Update

It is hard to go back to everyday life with so much still going on around our city but we 
went up to see the latest on the house build.
Finally things seem to be moving along and may even have a roof by the end of next week.
The downstairs windows have started going in and even a little linear board.
Hubby is very happy.



Side, Garage, study, studio

Iside my studio ( have windows:-)  )

Linear Boards

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday 

Mekaela xx

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baked Relief - Helping Hands

My lovely new friend has started something wonderful over on her blog.
I was feeling like I wanted to do something to help with the disaster around our beautiful  city.
We have only lived in Brisbane for 2 yrs but already feel a very strong attachment and watching as people are losing everything is heartbreaking.
But with 3 kids at home, one being only 3 I thought we would be a hindrance rather than a help.

I was reading my blog roll this morning to check up on how some of the Brisbane bloggers were doing and found out about Digella's great effort.  She has started a Baked Relief for the SES volunteers who are grouping together filling sandbags and helping people in need.

So I pulled out my apron this morning and whipped up a batch of mixed berry muffins and dropped them in to the Stafford Works Depot in  Kedron.
They were received with thanks.  
So if you would like to do something pop over to Digella to get the details on how to help.
Everything counts not matter how small.
Hope everyone is dry and safe.
Mekaela xx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year.

Ok, so maybe being a Sydney girl I may be a bit bias, but the New Years Eve Fire Works
in Sydney were quite spectacular.
The kids got to go with their Aunty and Uncle to watch the 9pm show while I stayed at home
looking after my little man who had a bad case of impetago which put a downer on our holiday.


A big Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl, Ruby is 9 today.
We spent the day yesterday shopping and lunching and today she is having a friend over
for a sleepover.

It wouldn't be a new year with out some New Years Resolutions.

1. Be more organized :-)
2. Try to balance work and home better
3. Loose weight ( again)
4. Spend lots of time doing things I love with lovely people

Looking forward to a great new year.
Now if the rain could please stop so we can get our house built that would be great.
And a little prayer to all the people who are suffering from the floods.

Happy Monday.
Mekaela xx