Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterfly Artwork

I am so lucky to have such a talented Mum who 
painted this lovely butterfly for our vacant wall in the 
stair well of our living room.

We have been doing a lot of work outside but I am now getting 
ready to start finishing off some of the inside things that were put on hold.

Hope you are having a great Friday
Mekaela x

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fresh Produce

One of the things I was hoping for when we 
moved on to our little piece of land was to be able to 
grow fruit trees, have vege's and herbs with fresh eggs.

We planted out first lot of fruit trees while the house
was being built and although they are still very young
we are already seeing some results

Our first season of limes
and strawberries from the herb  patch.
They are so worth home growing and so easy to grow.
The only problem with a small patch is we only get a couple  every 
day or two, so may need to make a bigger patch 

Fresh basil for my hubby's home made pesto, Yum!
We made home made pizza last night.
Fresh basil and tomato puree for the base, its the best.

The herb / strawberry  patch.

And our one and only olive from our two little trees.
We are going to marinate it just for fun, practice run
for the big crop, hopefully.

We have also been working on some landscaping.
Still work in progress but getting there.

Hope you are having a great Thursday.