Friday, December 14, 2012

My Chairs are Here !!

My chairs finally arrived last week from
They are suitable for outdoor and are painted in an outdoor
acrylic paint rather than the 2 pac that many are painted in.
It has rained a few times and are sitting in hot sun, so far
so good, love them.  Much more comfortable than I thought
the curve in the back makes such a difference.

I made a few outdoor cushions in  some lovely fabric I got from the  They are based here in Brisbane 
and prices are very good.

This is a dark navy and off white.

One outside my studio, cushion on the way.
I ordered the wrong amount of fabric, so waiting for
some more to arrive.
Can sit here and watch the kids in the pool.

A late gift for my lovely friend Bridget.
I borrowed the wrapping idea from a picture on 
Pintrest I found, they had added some white Christmas 
balls, very simple and elegant.

My centrepiece for the Christmas table.
A driftwood tray that came with the glasses and pebbles
which I replaced with small pearly shells from Blake and Taylor
in Paddington ( Brisbane) .  I found the blue tea light holders 
in Bulimba yesterday.  Perfect, look lovely at night.

My next project is this old chair I have had for years.
I want to give it a coat of white paint but will have to start
with new seat cushions to start with, running out of time.

Hope you are having a creative weekend.
Time for something bubbly I think

Mekaela  x

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Inspiration

It's hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner again.

I am always on the hunt for different and unique Christmas
inspiration, thank you Pintrest!

At our house there will be lots of champagne

Staircase garlands
I love the hurricane lamps on the stairs
but I have my own little hurricane that would send
them flying.

I love this Christmas tree on the wall,
I have an idea for a second tree in 
the Ruby & Belle House.

After growing up by the beach I can't help but
bring a little coastal with me to the country.

Love this wreath

This is so very cute

As always a bit of blue

Beautiful and creative wrapping ideas.

Love this

Another great Christmas Tree idea

With all the amazing solar lights
you could do this one on an outside wall

Simple and stunning - Love

And maybe if I am lucky I will fine a little
blue box under my tree this year.

Have a great Monday.
Keep tuned as I am doing up a coffee table I 
bought on Gumtree last week

Mekaela xx

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have been very slack at keeping up with
my blog this year.  After losing my lovely Bronte
I decided I needed a little more soul food to cheer me up
and one of the first places I headed to was my blog following
so I am going to make an effort to be more committed in the new year.

Today I am heading out today to pick up a few supplies for 
work and throwing in a bit of early Christmas shopping.
This is a busy time of year for me and Christmas always
sneaks up on me.

I have been trying to get things done around the house too
as I have my whole family coming this year.

Most of the house is done but still have some pesky painting 
to do and a few pieces of furniture to get.

These were taking on a very foggy morning but the
tiles are down and we have planted lots
as well as the turf

We are going to  suspend a dark blue sale cloth up under 
the pergola, as those of you who live in Brisbane can understand
the more shade in summer the better.
More battens to go over the top and we have 
planted  a couple of vines to grow over the top

After much deliberation we order four of these lovelies
to go under the pergola, just looking for a coffee table to 
go along with them and some nice outdoor cushions.

I know where I will be this summer.

Have a great day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Sad Good bye


A little over a week ago we came home to find our much loved
little Dog Bronte had passed away.
She had been battling with illness for some time

I had Bronte before I met my husband and had the kids.
She has been my best friend and constant companion
for 15 wonderful years.

My heart is shattered and I miss her so much.
 I am glad she is not suffering anymore.
Just hope that Puppy Heaven is an amazing place 
where she is running like a young dog again.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Loving colour at Ruby & Belle

New - Mathilda

60's inspired tunic

Have a great Sunday

Mekaela x

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Girls in the shop

In between the chaos of school holidays and 
the whole family being down with the flu
I somehow managed to finish off some new
dolls for the website and upload  a few new things.

These are available on my website

Off to finish an order

Have a great Monday
Mekaela xx

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Almost Finished - Pool Update

Finally our pool is full. Hooray.
With school holidays and stuck at home with sick kids
I am heading out to paint the pergola.

I am really happy with the waterline tiles, they
shimmer in the sun and reflect on the water.

The pool water is still adjusting so will go a lovely
blue in a few days.

Once the pergola is painted the tile man will come back and
finish the tiling.  Also very happy with the sandstone.
Still lots of landscaping to do

We shopped around to find the biggest magnolia we could
Hopefully it doesn't take too long to grow up a bit.
We finally settled on Precious Silver Pearl for the fence.

Pebble crete is white with a blue and black speck.

Undercoated pergola.  Will have extra battens over the top
Will grow a vine, maybe Stephonotis?  
Then going to suspend a shade sale under the top.
A hedge of Murrayas across the fence line at the back 
to block out the afternoon western sun.

Bring on Summer, I know where I will be hanging out.

Have a great Friday
Mekaela x

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pool update and a Silly Kitty.

Sorry for the long absence, I had to look up my google password because 
it has been so long since I signed in.

Hubby has taken all the kids to school so I am taking a few mins to catch up 
on my blog and see what everyone else is up to.

We have been very busy in the R & B house.  Sewing and more sewing getting ready for the Mummy Tree Markets inToowoomba this Sunday.

Still in pool construction mode.  Turing out to be a bit of a slow process.
The pergola is mostly finished, just needs top batterns and a coat of paint.
The fence posts are in and should have the rest of the fence by next week.  Then finally we can 
have the pebble crete done and the pool filled.
Tiling around the pool and a bit of landscaping and we are done.  Finally!!

This was my inspiration image, so very happy with  
the result so far.

A few funny pics of our silly cat.
She is just into everything, infact  I am thinking 
about doing a post on the day in the life of Truffle
so you can see what she gets up to!!!!

What else do you do with a space bag lying on the

Chilling out with miss Ruby!!

I am also in the middle of finally doing up our entrance.
I bought the matching console for our table
and just need to get a new lamp or two and a few
accessories and I will do a post.

Hope you are enjoying this magic Qld Winter day
or where every else you might be.

Happy Thursday
Mekaela  xx

Monday, April 16, 2012

Donna Hay Blue

I have made my Donna Hay  purchases at David
Jones but the  Donna Hay General store has so
much more.  Lucky I don't live in Sydney anymore or I
would be visiting the store at every chance.

I might have to make a few online purchases.

I love these little silicon condiment bowls

Pretty cake stand with holes for cooling.

My dream shop frontage.

Blue cotton twine, love it.

Love her cake stands, if only she did one in blue.

Off to do some work.
Have a lovely Monday.
Mekaela x