Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pool update and a Silly Kitty.

Sorry for the long absence, I had to look up my google password because 
it has been so long since I signed in.

Hubby has taken all the kids to school so I am taking a few mins to catch up 
on my blog and see what everyone else is up to.

We have been very busy in the R & B house.  Sewing and more sewing getting ready for the Mummy Tree Markets inToowoomba this Sunday.

Still in pool construction mode.  Turing out to be a bit of a slow process.
The pergola is mostly finished, just needs top batterns and a coat of paint.
The fence posts are in and should have the rest of the fence by next week.  Then finally we can 
have the pebble crete done and the pool filled.
Tiling around the pool and a bit of landscaping and we are done.  Finally!!

This was my inspiration image, so very happy with  
the result so far.

A few funny pics of our silly cat.
She is just into everything, infact  I am thinking 
about doing a post on the day in the life of Truffle
so you can see what she gets up to!!!!

What else do you do with a space bag lying on the

Chilling out with miss Ruby!!

I am also in the middle of finally doing up our entrance.
I bought the matching console for our table
and just need to get a new lamp or two and a few
accessories and I will do a post.

Hope you are enjoying this magic Qld Winter day
or where every else you might be.

Happy Thursday
Mekaela  xx


  1. It's looking great and hopefully will all be ready for when summer comes around. I look forward to seeing it. I find things always take longer than expected, so don't stress.
    What a cute cat :)
    ps welcome back to blogland x

  2. Hi Makaela,
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Interesting that my cupboard inspired you. It is white, but Wattyl photoshopped it that blue-green colour for the ad.
    Beth x