Thursday, March 31, 2011


This reflection came in our school news letter yesterday.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but

by the moments that take our breath away.

I have been so busy lately but am going to try to take some
time over the weekend to breath.
I am heading down to the house today to view the work that
has been done by the tilers and painters.
Lets hope my breath is taken away.

Happy Friday

Mekaela xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Stemless

We have a little joke in our house that everytime my
Mum comes to stay she  breaks a glass.  ( sorry Mum)
She somehow manages to break the stems on wine and champagne glasses.

So I've decided to go stemless.

I saw some like these featured on Oprah a couple of years
ago and have been keeping an eye out for some.

Country Road has some like these

But I am kind of keen on the straight edge and flat bottom.
The top ones are from the USA, not sure if I trust them
in the post.
Let me know if you have seen any.

Hubby is also keen on some stemless red wine glasses.

Causal elegance

Happy Thursday
Mekaela xx

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fit Out.

We are progressing to the final fit out stage of the inside of the house.
The house is full of tilers, plumbers, painters and the builders
 so today I am keeping right away.

 I can't wait to get down there Friday to see the progress.
I always feel nervous about having made the right choices on things
 and it is great to see things actually fall into place.

The pathway and some concreting were due to happen tomorrow
but here is the rain again.
Seems every time something needs to be done outside it rains.

I am keeping busy packing boxes, our house is turning into a bit of a box maze.
Also sewing up some new cushions and covering an ikea ottoman in some lovely
Laura Ashley fabric I found to go on our new lounge we ordered from Freedom yesterday.

It is one of their new ones,  Dalton, in a linen blend.
So comfy.
It won't arrive until after we move in but as there will be painting to do that is probably
not a bad thing.

Also putting together some things for the kids bedrooms.
Found some great bedding bargains from BB&T and Adairs.

I was given some money from my family for my birthday to purchase one of these

I have ordered it and just waiting for it to arrive.

Mekaela xx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Putting it all together

I have been looking for some inspirations for putting it all together.
Furniture, how much, how big?
What colour to paint the inside walls?

Some pretties from Sarah Richardson

I'm hoping that the stairs will resemble something close to this.

We went up to the house yesterday to have a quick look at what
 had been done during the week.

The light was bad and my camera on my iphone is not working all that well due
to the fact that I dropped it and smashed the screen. :-(
It's both exciting and nerve racking to see everything start coming together.
Did we make the right choices?  Will it all look ok?
So far I am really happy.  Of course there are things I would have done a little differently
if we had an unlimited budget.
This week we can look forward to seeing the doors go in, the stairs go in.
Fire place, and all the skirt and architraves.
And the next couple of weeks the tiles and painting. Wow, almost there.

Off to pack some more boxes.
Have a great Sunday

Mekaela xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lounging Around

I have been on the hunt for a lounge for some time.
We  have jumped back and forth with the Ektorp from Ikea.
Not sure if it will hold up to the punishment it may get.

I still love the idea of the slip cover but seams to be a hard thing to get.
Most of the slip covered lounges are not washable, ?

Then I found this in the new Freedom Catalogue.

Now this would be perfect in front of my fireplace.

They also have a lounge called the Sommerfield


Will try and pop in and have a look today

Happy Friday
Mekaela xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Kitchen

So while I was busy doing my thing at the markets on the weekend, my new house was buzzing with activity, and I was presented with this on Sunday afternoon.

Couldn't be happier. 

 We had debated for quite some time on the extra row of cupboards due to the cost but
I am so happy we did.  With the 3 metre ceilings they look great.
The door into the butlers pantry will be a 10 lite opaque glass.

This is the facing wall to the kitchen (sorry a bit dark)
2 sets of french doors with double hung windows either side and fixed windows across the top.

Open shelving on the Island Bench

Inside the Butlers Pantry

The Benches go in on Friday, so will post more pics when they are done.

The bathroom vanities and Laundry are all in the same profile.

Have a great Tuesday

Mekaela xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Pretty

Our rental is filling up with boxes, fans, lights, toilets, basins, sinks, taps, etc.
Our conversations consist of "House Things"-
How to tackle the unplanned,
Deciding on what to do with the driveway, the pathway and constant trips up to the house
to drop things off or meet with the builder.
All while trying to run a small buisness from home, look after
three kids and a poor old dog.

So while the chaos of builing consumes us,
 I needed something pretty to distract me for a minute.

I have on hold, at my favourite shop Lyle and Banks at Ascot, a lovely little cake stand
which I plan to go and pick up on Saturday after Mathilda's Market.
(will post a pic next week)

I am also on the hunt for another buffet hutch as the one I bought on ebay a while back
isn't going to fit into the space I bought it for.

I love these, they are from a catering place in the UK.
Look at the etching on the glass and the adustable height on the stand.

Ok, off to order the fire mantle and make dinner.

Happy Monday
Mekaela xx