Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Pretty

Our rental is filling up with boxes, fans, lights, toilets, basins, sinks, taps, etc.
Our conversations consist of "House Things"-
How to tackle the unplanned,
Deciding on what to do with the driveway, the pathway and constant trips up to the house
to drop things off or meet with the builder.
All while trying to run a small buisness from home, look after
three kids and a poor old dog.

So while the chaos of builing consumes us,
 I needed something pretty to distract me for a minute.

I have on hold, at my favourite shop Lyle and Banks at Ascot, a lovely little cake stand
which I plan to go and pick up on Saturday after Mathilda's Market.
(will post a pic next week)

I am also on the hunt for another buffet hutch as the one I bought on ebay a while back
isn't going to fit into the space I bought it for.

I love these, they are from a catering place in the UK.
Look at the etching on the glass and the adustable height on the stand.

Ok, off to order the fire mantle and make dinner.

Happy Monday
Mekaela xx

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