Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lounging Around

I have been on the hunt for a lounge for some time.
We  have jumped back and forth with the Ektorp from Ikea.
Not sure if it will hold up to the punishment it may get.

I still love the idea of the slip cover but seams to be a hard thing to get.
Most of the slip covered lounges are not washable, ?

Then I found this in the new Freedom Catalogue.

Now this would be perfect in front of my fireplace.

They also have a lounge called the Sommerfield


Will try and pop in and have a look today

Happy Friday
Mekaela xx


  1. I have the Ektorp sofa and chair and it has had a LOT of wear. It has stood up really well and I've found the covers wash really well. Molly dog is all over it and it copes well, plus the price is great.
    Though, that Freedom one looks yummy too :)

  2. Oh my, we are going through exactly the same dilemma. I am keen on the ektorp because of the slip covers, I really want machine washable ones.
    I will check out those freedom ones. I am so glad to know I am not the only one procrastinating over these.

  3. Oh wow, i just don't think i could drive the children to school, sport & cook dinner from sitting on that chair though, i know i'd never want to get up off it, too inviting. Love Posie

  4. Hi Mekaela
    I was only thinking the same thing. But I found this the other day on the wonderful www.
    They do all sorts of coverings purposefully for IKEA furniture and are Australian!
    Food for thought
    I do love that chair/chaise/couch!