Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Stemless

We have a little joke in our house that everytime my
Mum comes to stay she  breaks a glass.  ( sorry Mum)
She somehow manages to break the stems on wine and champagne glasses.

So I've decided to go stemless.

I saw some like these featured on Oprah a couple of years
ago and have been keeping an eye out for some.

Country Road has some like these

But I am kind of keen on the straight edge and flat bottom.
The top ones are from the USA, not sure if I trust them
in the post.
Let me know if you have seen any.

Hubby is also keen on some stemless red wine glasses.

Causal elegance

Happy Thursday
Mekaela xx


  1. I've been using Bodum's double walled glasses for ages [visit my blog today to see one version used for water the other for a vase] and use them not only for wine but coffee, desserts, you name it!

    The best thing about the Bodum glasses is that if you have white wine in them the wine stays cold because you have a double layer of glass. Similarly the coffee can be piping hot but you can hold it!

    Good luck with shopping and keeping your glasses safe!

    x Felicity

  2. Just don't know if I can do it Mekaela!!! The stem just makes it feel so much more like a glass of wine on a Friday night. I do like the photos above whic you have shown so maybe one day I will give it a go!!! Ange