Saturday, March 19, 2011

Putting it all together

I have been looking for some inspirations for putting it all together.
Furniture, how much, how big?
What colour to paint the inside walls?

Some pretties from Sarah Richardson

I'm hoping that the stairs will resemble something close to this.

We went up to the house yesterday to have a quick look at what
 had been done during the week.

The light was bad and my camera on my iphone is not working all that well due
to the fact that I dropped it and smashed the screen. :-(
It's both exciting and nerve racking to see everything start coming together.
Did we make the right choices?  Will it all look ok?
So far I am really happy.  Of course there are things I would have done a little differently
if we had an unlimited budget.
This week we can look forward to seeing the doors go in, the stairs go in.
Fire place, and all the skirt and architraves.
And the next couple of weeks the tiles and painting. Wow, almost there.

Off to pack some more boxes.
Have a great Sunday

Mekaela xx


  1. Is that your kitchen and bathroom They look great! It must be so exciting seeing it all come together.
    The first room is lovely, very soft and peaceful :)

  2. Ph that kitchen bench is going to wonderful to use. It looks like the house is starting to take shape. Sarahs collies are so pretty, lovely inspiration.

  3. I love Sarah Richardsons design... If you follow her lead I don't think you could go wrong. It is looking great Mekaela. Can't wait to see the stairs too... How exciting, it is getting close now. ;-)

  4. Sarah has a way of putting it all together with the best colors and fabrics. Now that yours is all coming together you are sure to feel a little unsure, but it will look great and it will be your dreams coming to life. The bench and double sinks are gorgeous, cant wait to see more. Hope you sort the camera issue out.
    Rebecca x

  5. Your house is progressing beautifully, I love your style. I am preparing to build on a sloping block similar to yours & we have very similar taste, cant wait to see your progress!