Saturday, February 26, 2011

Starting to take shape

We just had a meeting with our builder out at the house to go over some final details.
The electrical work begins Wednesday and the gyprockers are booked for Friday.
The kitchen and bathroom vanities are booked for the 10th March, so fingers, toes and eyes crossed 
that all will run smoothly and on time.

A few piccy's

Entrance lights.  At the moment I have them on the front next to the windows either side of the front door.  Or should they go inside the alcove????

Happy with how the fixed windows turned out, the house is lovely and light inside.
The Pine river breeze keeps the house lovely and cool.
Can't wait to move in 

Mekaela xx


  1. That is shaping up to be one seriously gorgeous house. I really like the undercover outdoor area. how lovely.

  2. Looking good Mekaela. I like the idea of the lights in the alcove but that is just me. Either or will look great.. Keep the photos coming... ;-)

  3. Hi Makaela
    Where did you get your front door from? I love it x Oh the transits above the windows are very very nice... I have had them on our plans then I have taken them off! I am now thinking they need to go back on!

    How high are your internal walls?

    Oh I am loving the photos please keep them coming. Your home is going to be spectacular
    thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Mekaela,
    Cherie from Samford here, my Benchtop is Ceaserstone's Buttermilk (i love it) and the tiles were from Uptiles at Strathpine, I have no idea what they were called but the code the lady wrote on my colour selection was FTCV520. Good luck with the build.

  5. Hello there old friend. Feel very honoured that this is the first little blog note I have left for anyone. I did buy my own french basket from Black Pearl Epicure. But could do with a smaller one hehehe mine is HUGE!

    How are you!?