Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year.

Ok, so maybe being a Sydney girl I may be a bit bias, but the New Years Eve Fire Works
in Sydney were quite spectacular.
The kids got to go with their Aunty and Uncle to watch the 9pm show while I stayed at home
looking after my little man who had a bad case of impetago which put a downer on our holiday.


A big Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl, Ruby is 9 today.
We spent the day yesterday shopping and lunching and today she is having a friend over
for a sleepover.

It wouldn't be a new year with out some New Years Resolutions.

1. Be more organized :-)
2. Try to balance work and home better
3. Loose weight ( again)
4. Spend lots of time doing things I love with lovely people

Looking forward to a great new year.
Now if the rain could please stop so we can get our house built that would be great.
And a little prayer to all the people who are suffering from the floods.

Happy Monday.
Mekaela xx

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  1. That Babes in the Shade rashie looks great. I think Sydney would have to be one of the best locations in the world to see fireworks. How can other cities compete with a backdrop consisting of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge & Sydney Harbour itself?