Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orgaized Inspiration

My New Years Resolution, well one of them anyway, is to become more organized.
As we are currently renting some of the ideas I have will have to wait until we move into the new 
house, but I have decided to start finding some inspirational pictures to get me ready.
My first project will be de cluttering the house and not packing "stuff" into boxes.


Let's see how much of this actually happens.

My Ruby is even more messy than me, if that were even possible.
So I am looking for some fun and inspiring ways to get us both into
a better routine.
Still wish we had Pottery Barn here, but will have to make do with ikea and Howard's Storage.


  1. Lovely inspiration shots. I am not the world's most organised person but would love to declutter a bit. Is it weird that I get scared of throwing things out? It's very stressful!
    Good luck with your organising!

  2. Great inspiration, I look at them and sigh. I wish I was that disciplined.