Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baked Relief - Helping Hands

My lovely new friend has started something wonderful over on her blog.
I was feeling like I wanted to do something to help with the disaster around our beautiful  city.
We have only lived in Brisbane for 2 yrs but already feel a very strong attachment and watching as people are losing everything is heartbreaking.
But with 3 kids at home, one being only 3 I thought we would be a hindrance rather than a help.

I was reading my blog roll this morning to check up on how some of the Brisbane bloggers were doing and found out about Digella's great effort.  She has started a Baked Relief for the SES volunteers who are grouping together filling sandbags and helping people in need.

So I pulled out my apron this morning and whipped up a batch of mixed berry muffins and dropped them in to the Stafford Works Depot in  Kedron.
They were received with thanks.  
So if you would like to do something pop over to Digella to get the details on how to help.
Everything counts not matter how small.
Hope everyone is dry and safe.
Mekaela xx


  1. It really is so heartwarming to see communities pull together in such trying times :)

  2. Good for you Mekaela. It's hard to just sit in the comfort of my home and watch everythhing that is going on. A group from my church are heading up next week to assist with clean up but I have my sister arriving from NZ for a much needed holiday of R&R so I won't be joining them. I feel a bit torn as i would love to contribute practically as you have.

  3. Great idea, I wish I could send them from Victoria, I feel so helpless.