Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pergola and Pool update.

We had a re-think on the pool pergola
yesterday.  I suddenly realized that we would
be looking down on the roof of it from our veranda
and we have a surf mist roof.  Might be a bit glarey.

So we thought maybe a white pergola with something beautiful
growing over the top.

We also have to decide on a pool fence colour.
The pool guys all say to go for a dark colour like 
the picture below but I  am wondering if it will 
look to heavy against our light house.

Thought?  I was leaning towards surf mist
which is the colour of our roof

Or a light one like below??

Just love this whole picture.

Now vision it here, about where that box it sitting, 
surrounded by sandstone pavers and strip gardens.
A nice Magnolia or olive tree to the right.

And a couple of Adirondack chairs in front.

available via ebay.com.au

Coping and waterline tiles are done.

Drifting sand Himalayan Quartz tiles
and glass Azure mosaics
I love the way they shimmer in the sun

Can't wait till its finished, but don't think there
will be swimming until next summer.

Have a great day
Mekaela  xx


  1. Hi Mekaela,

    So glad I found your blog! Loving your style & your house. Our styles are very similar..I had to laugh as your KitchenAid is the same colour as mine. I also love Villa Maison which I'm lucky enough to have a sister who is the manager for the Cheltenham store. Jodi x

  2. It is so exciting to see the progress with the pool. I like the idea of a white pergola and fence but I understand why they recommend the dark colour as it is less visible. xx

  3. We had 3 kids total with us and they had fun for two and half hours with a 15 minute lifeguard break. They enjoyed the going after the dive sticks and swimming. Glad we went, but don't anticipate that we will return.
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