Friday, June 11, 2010

Off to Market

One more sleep to go till Ruby and Belle has it's Launch at the Boutique Markets on Sunday.
I will miss my red polka dots but love my new look.
Rachael from A Room For Everyone is kindly doing a spot on her blog on Ruby and Belle so pop over here to see her inspiring blog.
Will leave you with some pics of my girls.  Have a lovely weekend.

Don't forget the Boutique Markets on Sunday at Portside Wharf.


  1. Hi, I've just popped over from Rachael's blog.(Now following you).
    You are so clever with your craft and do such a neat job. I will have to come up to the market one of these days and have a closer look at your beautiful items.
    Enjoy the weekend:o)

  2. Hi there just found you via Rachael..good luck with your new blog and business. Wish I lived in Q'land so I could visit the markets. Have a lovely day I think I'm your newest follower. Kym X