Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here we go!!!

Looks like we will finally be starting this week.  The builder is going to start the excavating this week.
Really hoping it doesn't rain constantly for the next few months.
Steve Martin said on It's Complicated that starting a build in the rain is good luck!!!
All I know is that when that first dig into the ground is done I am popping the champagne
 (any excuse really)

We spent a lovely few days at my parents in the Coff's area.
Went to the beach and just relaxed.
Woke up to this every morning.

On the last night I went outside and spotted a little flashing light in the bush.
I took my Mum out and discovered that they were  Fire Flies.
The kids came outside and all of a sudden there were hundreds dancing around the 
garden. The bushes looked like they had flashing fairy lights in them.
The kids spent the next half an hour dancing around the garden with them, 
it was quite magical.
I tried to get some photos but was too dark.

On the way home I popped into a cute little country shop just to have a look and 
ended up walking out with a few little purchases including another white jug
to add to my collection for the new kitchen.

I am a little obsessed with white and white and pewter jugs and bowls.

Have a lovely weekend, 
Mekaela xx


  1. Was the little country shop at Newmarket by any chance?

    I love that little white and pewter jug!

    I love a lot of Lily G's stock too. But they are all the way over on (dare I say) the Southside and apart from visiting the only friend I actually approve of living on the Southside because she has a beautiful estate, I would never get into Lily G.

  2. I think I may have seen some at Taste for the love of cooking yesterday, but I could be wrong. Sharnel Dollar has just opened her online store and is preparing for a buying trip to USA next month. She may be stocking them, I have emailed her to ask as I am keen to get some myself.

    They had some fantastic enamel stock from France at Taste which was nice too. I liked the blue and white ones, I am thinking would be great for laundry storage containers.

  3. Good luck with the building Mekaela. Hope it all goes well.
    I love all these images especially 3rd from the end with the charcoal background, cloches, coral and pear, gorgeous.
    That is too funny about the buffet/hutch. It was sitting there when we picked up the cabinet and at that time they were thinking of relisting it as the buyer had not picked it up (lucky for you!). They offered it to me but I couldn't fit another thing in the house. So glad it went to a good home:o)

  4. Found a place which stocks all sorts of cloches! Took heaps of photos for you. Which I will post on blog soon. I will email you link tomorrow.

    Simple Things Small Joys at Highfields (near Toowoomba)

  5. How exciting for you and certianly a reason to pop some bubbly! I know I will be when the time comes! I share your love of the white jug! I got one recently from White Port an online Australian store.
    x Briohny