Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fans and Chandeliers

I would love to put a chandelier over the dining table but with the heat in Brisbane
the fans will have to take priority.  So I am on the look out for something beautiful to
put on the table.  Will head to Paddington later this week as I saw a Chandelier style
candelabra  in one of the shops there not long ago.
Might pop into the Paddington Antique Centre too.

Some inspiration.

I completely love this one with the little birds.

Can't decide on fans, white? Stainless?
Any suggestions?

My little Bronte is doing better.
The big bandage comes off tomorrow and will have to keep 
her really quiet for a week while things continue to heal.

She has been very brave.  

Enjoying some quiet with kids back at school
Happy Monday


  1. I love a nice chandelier. I will think about where I recently saw a few nice ones. It will come back to me.

    On the phone to purchase Melb Food and Wine Tix.... been waiting 27 minutes!

    You can buy individual sessions online, but not the whole weekend. How stupid! So technically Nigella could get sold out for $160 while I wait to spend more than a grand I am guessing for the whole weekend!

    Its a first world problem after all ;)

  2. Hi there. again!

    I saw you in your Ruby and Belle Mobile doing the school run. I would have waved like a crazy woman... but then would have obviously looked like a crazy woman!

    Have a great day.

  3. Love the chandelier pics and I'm so glad your gorgeous Bronte is getting better. Our little Max hurt his leg a while ago and the vet said he would need the same surgery as your Bronte.. some time in the future. Somehow I don't think he will be so brave. Take care Kym X