Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tres Chic - Lovely Shop

I was driving down to the Gold Coast early yesterday for
the Butterfly Tree Markets
when I realised the time on the car clock was a little
earlier than the time on my iPhone.
I was trying to work out how I got down there so fast when
my alarm had gone off at 5.15am, had a nice long shower,
stopped for coffee and banana bread on the way 
and still managed to get down to South Port by 6.30am
when it is a 1 1/2 hour drive from my place.
My phone had switched to daylight saving time, and happy
to say I wasn't the only one to get caught out.

I have driven past this little shop a few times but is not
open on Sundays, but as I was early I decided to pull over and 
have a sticky beak through the window.

Excuse my pics through the glass.
They are on face book and Rachael said they
are working on an online store too.
Will also be opening Sundays closer to Xmas.

Love Hydrangeas

The cutest table umbrella

Home wares, books, linen sigh!!

Have my eye on one of these for my front garden
under the Magnolia, that's when it gets grows a little.
Which could be a while as they are not known for being 
the fastest growing plant.

Look, mini ones, too cute.



Even a little R M

I have been hibernating a bit over winter but
will do my best to warm things up a bit.

Heading to Noosa for a market in November.
If anyone can recommend some good shopping spots
I would love to hear from you.

Off to the beach with the kids, having an extra couple of
days with my niece and  nephew.

Happy Monday

Ps, I have just ordered my new dining table, finally
so things are starting to come together in the new house
will start posting some pics soon!!!

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  1. this little shop looks divine. i wonder if Mr K would buy me an air fare to the coast...any excuse will do! Can't wait to see your house pics. X