Monday, March 26, 2012

Arched Windows and Doorways

I have always been very symmetrical and square in my architectural taste.
But lately I seem to be drawn to the lovely curves of arched windows  
and doors

So lovely with the high ceilings
Not to mention the to die for colour scheme

This house is also featured in this months
Australian House and Garden.
I love the arched doorway leading onto the 
octagonal veranda.

And who could forget this piece of real estate 
heaven from the Sex and the City movie.

This little Brisbane lovely that I have been watching
go up.  The dark blue arched door with a fixed light 

Will be posting a pool update later in the week.
Off to clean my very dirty car, then hitting the sewing machine.

Have a great Tuesday
Mekaela x

1 comment:

  1. Arches are so lovely aren't they. I love the room in the second photo and I love the arched doors in the 5th photo. xx