Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

I seem to be a little late with my posts lately 
But I am cleaning up from Christmas and getting ready to 
send the kids back to school next week...   
I thought I would share some pics of my Christmas decorating

My fire mantle.  We still have to put the surround
stone and hearth...On the list of to do's this year

Some Ruby & Belle Linen Christmas stockings

A little of my Christmas table.  I can't find a picture pre food
and with too many ladies in the house over Christmas my very
carefully planned out table didn't quite come together as I planned
But you can see a little of the linen table cloth I made.

Beautiful driftwood  star from Karma at Chermside.

My Gumtree coffee table purchase before Christmas.
I sanded it right back but the tannin from the wood is seeping through
my white paint.  Should have used an oil based under coat.
Still considering painting the top in a grey milk paint??

And a stunning Samford summer sunset.

Cleaning the studio as well and spending some time on my new
Christmas present.  My lovely hubby bought me one of these
for Christmas, no more fighting for computer time with the kids.

With my youngest starting school this year, I will be home alone
for the first time in 13 years, looking forward to some me time.

Hope you are having a lovely Friday

Mekaela x

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  1. That coffee table is from Gumtree? Amazing purchase. I just purchased a dresser from Ebay with simlar queen anne legs for my daughter, but like you will have to sand and repaint. There is nothing white paint can't make look pretty again.