Friday, May 27, 2011


I have used a lot of blue as my accent colour in the house and decided
to paint the buffet and hutch blue too.

It's quite blue but I really like it and I think is shows off the white display
inside well, just need a couple more french jugs.
I painted it blue then gave it a light distressed finish and
followed it up with a bit of a white wash.

My French grey tree from Bed Bath and Table.
Wall behind still waiting to be painted.
And also the drawers to be finished.

The bird sitting on the bottle is a swallow.
We have a flock of them that fly around our house all day.
I call them the dolphins of the sky, they are so playful and cheeky.

The cups and saucers are antique Royal Winton, they belonged 
to my Great Grandmotherand have been sitting in a box for the
 past 2 1/2 years waiting for a special spot.

The jug on the left and the little bottle are from one of my 
favourite shops in Ascot, Lyle & Bank

Set for a weekend of more painting.
Looking forward to getting rid of all the drop sheets and dust
(and builders, sorry boys)

Lounge from Freedom arriving on Wednesday
Need to start putting some things on the walls and
will start to feel more lived in.

Have a great weekend
 Mekaela xx


  1. Such a pretty shade of blue. It looks lovely with all your pretty china.

  2. Gorgeous and really shows off your lovely white china and pretty tea cup and saucers. Nice work! ;-)

  3. Looks great. Love all the white china. Ange