Monday, May 30, 2011

Empty Canvas

Now that the walls are almost painted we need some
things to decorate.

Our old house didn't have alot of wall space so we
don't have a lot of art or pictures.
It is nice to have a new "empty canvas" to build on.
Again, just need that winning lotto ticket.

I am not one for florally pictures but I love 
Jaqueline Coats and would love this one for the stair well.

A couple of her other works.  I really love these up close ones
of the single flower

These are also on my wish list 

Off to do some work incase the lotto doesn't pay off.

Happy Tuesday.

Mekaela xx


  1. Jacqueline Coat's artwork is gorgeous and inspiring. I also love the bookshelf with the ladder, I could definately own a few of those. Maybe I should be buying lotto too! xx

  2. Just beautiful your taste. It seems like a few bloggers are after that lotto win at the moment...can't wait to see more of your home. X

  3. That pink flower is the library too!