Monday, July 25, 2011

LOVE Donna Hay _ Royal Doulton

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a slight 
obsession with blue, white and linen.

So when I spoted the back cover of my new Country Style
 magazine my heart skipped a beat.

I already have a number of blue Donna Hay items in my kitchen
and have bought the blue Gordan Ramsy Royal Doulton dinner
set which I am thrilled with and they go together beautifully.
I didn't get the mugs for the set though as they weren't really
right and the teacups are lovely but I do love a mug for my coffee.

  Look at these lovely images.

images via Donna Hay and Wedding Gifts Direct.

I think there maybe some more blue purchases
Will I be able to resist those mugs. 

Off to do some work so I can fund my obsession.

Happy Tuesday 

Mekaela xx 


  1. Hello Mekaela

    thank you for commenting on my blog too - I am so happy to have just seen another post of yours.

    Now you do know how to melt my heart.

    I luuuurve the blue. Whilst I love the county look of the blue - I am a coastal blue girl (and Seafoam colour too mmmm...)

    Seriously - I truly think I could have one of every thing you have shown.

    All of it is delicious.

    have a lovely and productive day


  2. Sigh, I totally share your obsession with these colours. Sigh.