Friday, July 22, 2011

Soul Food

After wasting another hour of my life loosing the plot 
over my kids constant mess I found this image kind of funny 
and perfect.  I think I need a copy to hang in the play room.

image via pintrest

I have been a bit slack on the blog thing lately, so much to 
do around the house and working on top of general 
domestic duties.
I forgot how inspiring reading my favourite blogs and 
discovering new ones can be.

So I will attempt to get my beautiful new house in some sort of order 
this week and start sharing some of it with you.

Going to do some creative decorating while waiting for
my new dining table to come back into stock, and for 
that winning lotto ticket to buy the rest of the furniture
that I would love to finish off the house.

Some of my favourite inspirational images.
I completely love linen

Off to take my little man to the movies to see Cars 2
He is four today.  Happy birthday Tobey xx

Mekaela xx


  1. Mekaela, your post made me laugh... I just posted about the exact same thing over at Mama & The Monkey! I'm reclaiming a little bit of myself this week (well trying to at least).

    Happy birthday to your little boy :)

    Angela x

  2. Hello Mekaela

    I am new to posting on your blog though have been a long (Long) time reader of yours. x

    Love the sign and message it sends

    I really need to have that printed too
    I think though it needs to be hung in every room of mine!

    I did miss you blogging as I checked frequently and hadn't seen a new post.

    I have taken up (finally) blogging myself and am enjoying it so much after the long deliberation.

    I can understand completely about not regularly posting because of "life" interruptions, that is why I deliberated for so long.

    till you next blog :)

    take care


  3. Love that linen table cloth with the pretty in that setting.