Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nature At Its Finest

With all the unsettled weather we have been having
in Brisbane, it has left everything a bit soggy and 
is slowing down our pool build progress.

Last week Mother Nature put on quite a display in our
little Valley.

Unfortunately my iPhone didn't capture the colours
very well .  It was like a triple rainbow.
So spectacular

I'm wondering if there are 2 very large pots
of gold hidden in our Valley???

Have a great Monday
Mekaela xx


  1. Don't you just love seeing a rainbow? I think there's something very special about them. Have a lovely week! X

  2. Stunning photos.
    In case no one else has told you there is an unwritten and unspoken rule that is if you organise a pool build it will rain on and off for the entire project! Seems to happen to everyone I know (including me).
    Hope it doesn't delay things too much.

  3. Oh I love these rainbow pictures! Rainbows are so special to me and one of my favorite pictures of all. Unfortunately, it's hard to find one and have our camera ready with us when we do. This triple rainbow is beautiful. That just made my day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Stunning - I love a good rainbow photo as I can never seem to capture them!