Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Inspiration

We put up our tree the other day.  Thought I would get in a little early as the next couple 
of weeks will be a bit crazy.
Stuck with my mostly red tree but we opted to leave off teh tinsel this
 year and just pile on the decorations.

Already looking for inspiration for christmas next yr and although we will not
 be spending it in the new house (much to my dissapointment)  as we will be with family 
in Sydney, the decorations will go ahead anyway.

You can't go past some Martha Stewart 

As you can probably see there will be a blue silver and red theme.
I can't give up my little mushroom decorations.
Happy Wednesday

Mekaela xx


  1. I love this look with blue and white with touches of red. Im hoping to do more french style this year with more whites and naturals. Fiona

  2. What beautiful inspiration images. I love the blue and silver theme it is so pretty and wintery. xx

  3. I love the blue door adorned with wreaths...divine!!!

  4. You can't beat Martha can you? I just love the light tree.

  5. I also love the door with 3 wreaths. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures.

    Pamela xx