Saturday, November 13, 2010

Early Christmas Shopping

A quick note to remind everyone that the Boutique Markets are on a Hamilton at Portside Wharf today.
Rain, Hail or Shine. (Lets hope it's more on the shine side)
I will be taking orders for these sweet little white timber trees.

Come down and pick up some wonderful treats for Christmas.
See you there.
Mekaela :-)


  1. These are beautiful! You are lucky your market is not down here in is absolutely pouring! Have a great day :)

  2. They are gorgeous, and lucky you are not in Victoria, it's dull and drizzling!

  3. Wish I had of read this post this morning!!!! Lucky for you the weather was ABSOLUTELY perfect!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  4. The trees are gorgeous Mekaela. I hope you have lots of sushine for the market. xx