Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bathroom help Please !!

Ok, so here is my first challenge for the build so fair and need some advice.
In our ensuite  we have chosen and bought the bath

Chosen the tap ware

Chosen, ( I think) the tiles and bench

And mirrors (thank you AM for your wonderful inspiration)

Now am completely stuck on the wall tiles.
The builder has put in his budget for waist high wall tiles.  I'm not convinced, especially with these mirrors.
So, do I tile to the ceiling in a white tile, tiles on the walls just inside the shower in a matching wall tile in a larger rectangle and leave the walls just painted.  There will be 2 windows with white shutters, one above the bath and one over the towel rail.
Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Good luck with your bathroom renovation...I'm sure it will be lovely looking at all the pieces you have chosen so far! I'm really loving the look of square tiles (150x150) layed in the brick pattern as seen in the bathroom of "It's Complicated"! All the best, Tracey xx

  2. New to your blog so unsure of all the details but isn't building a new home overwhelmimg at times! So many decisions, too many beautiful options. In my humble opinion I am not a fan of floor to ceiling tiles for one reason. It can feel cold and clinical and kind of echoey (is that a word?). My in-laws have this and in fairness, they only have one tiny window and a very dull, cool colour palette and I feel like I am in a cell. Don't know about how it goes with the mirrors, but waist high, in my opinion works well. All depends, of course on the look you are going for. Must stop rambling, my comments are always far too long! Nice to 'meet' you.
    X Briohny.