Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bird House

Amongst the chaos of school holidays I managed to find time to put the first prototype of my bird house range.  
Just needs a little birdy to sit on the perch.  Working on one and will post a pic later.
Would love this for my old girl but not sure , just not sure she would be able to get up on it.
I have just signed up to take part in the new Butterfly Markets on the Gold Coast on the 1st August.
Waiting to get more information and will post it all when I do.


  1. The bird house is gorgeous. Will you be custom making these? Would love one for my little one's bedroom when we build our house.

    Mrs KT :)

  2. Absolutely, just let me know colours and fabrics and I will do one up for you. :-)

  3. Thanks, I will email you. Enjoy your weekend :)