Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few days away

I am back after a few days away.  We packed  up the kids and the dog (in a beer box wedged inbetween the front seats) and headed down to just south of Coff's Harbor to stay with my Mum and Dad.
Was lovely to get away but was very cold down there, It's funny how quickly you get used to the warmer winter.

My Mum inherited this pine sideboard from my Brother and waved her magic white wand over it. It looked beautiful, with new handles and lovely hinges she did a great job.  One of my Mum's friends
says you can't stand still too long in Mum's house or you will get painted white.   On the hunt now to get her some pretty white ceramic french style jugs to fill the shelves.

After searching homeware shops in Brisbane for my third cake stand, I walked into two shops, one in Coff's and one in a little town called Maxville and found about four of them in both.  so very happy to announce I have my three Villa maison minni cake stands.  Also picked up a lovely little white china swallow tail bird that sits on the side of a vase.  Will post a pic soon.
Ruby and Belle will be down at  South Bank Young Designers Markets on Sunday, hope the weather is good.
Now off to try and do some work while entertaining kids on holidays.

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