Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last look

I went into the house for a last look before the floors were sanded and
 polished to have a last look.

I hadn't seen the kitchen out from under the drop sheets with all
the tiling done, next the appliances will go in and let the painting begin.

Bedrooms will be painted on the weekend by me. :-)

The rest of the house with any luck next week by the painter.

Fire mantle is ready to pick up so hopefully that 
will be in by the time we move, or soon after.

Still making some decisions on the furniture.
so will be moving in with the old things until we decide 
on what will fit.



  1. Mekeala, your house is lookimg fantastic, I am so excited for you, cant wait to see the mantle.
    Have a great week!!!

  2. Well Mekaela your kitchen is beautiful even with nothing in it! I am still trying to get rid of old furniture and replace with more appropriate furniture for our house. It seems it is never ending. Your mantel will really be a lovely feature in the room. Happy painting! ;-)

  3. Your kitchen is looking fantastic already! You must be bursting with excitement, almost there. xx

  4. Inspiring kitchen Mekaela. Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing more.
    Rebecca x

  5. Its looking so great! Finally I am sneaking a look around at all my blogs I have been missing for the last 3 months! YES 3 months since the floods and still no signs of slowing.

    I can not wait to see the finished product of your beautiful house. I will be sure to bring something sweet to munch on if I am invited :)

  6. My goodness, it's going to be so, so gorgeous - a magazine shoot next I think! Good luck with the painting.. We painted most of our house and it was HARD! Happy Easter.. Rachaelxx