Friday, April 8, 2011

Subway Tiles and Fans

As our move in date gets closer we can't help but be a little nervous
about the house being ready.
Still a lot to do.

Floors will start being polished on Monday.
Fingers crossed that they pull it all off.

Subway Tiles


Kitchen Splash

Kitchen Splash

Kids Bathroom Mirrors

Ensuite Mirrors

Ceiling Fans

Handrails on the Deck

Have a great weekend and pray for sunshine for us 
next week.

Mekaela  xx


  1. Love the tiles - they look fantastic. I also love the mirrors - especially the ensuite one. Ange

  2. Looking fantastic Mekaela, you must be getting so excited and starting the countdown. All the best for sunshine next week. ;-)

  3. It Is looking amazing. The details make all the difference. The ensuite mirrors are gorgeous.

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