Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Organized

While planning the new house I decided to look around for  some inspiration for my new workroom,
(will be so great to not sew in the garage anymore:-) ), so as to not end up like this again.

Things get a little crazy and this sometimes happens. Lack of storage and the fact that I am now sharing the garage with a bath tub and 5 bikes, a bike buggy not to mention all the camping equipment and tools.
So the new room will be like heaven.

Wonder if it will look like one of these?
We can always dream.
Creativity and tidiness don't always go together with me.
Have a great Tuesday.


  1. I'm sure if your work space was being shot for a magazine/website it would look like this too. If these rooms look like this all the time there can't be much creating going on;o)
    How nice for you to be getting a designated workroom. I bet it can't happen quick enough.

  2. I could only wish to be this organised! lol. Don't they look just too perfect.. I love them all though. ;-)

  3. Great inspiration! While I don't need a creative space like you, I am making sure our new home has a store room and a mud room! Two things I am looking forward to as I think it will help keep me(and the kids)organised! Fingers crossed! I've read through your blog and you haven't mentioned much about your building project. Please share! we'd love to hear what your plans are, but of course only if you wish to.
    X Briohny.

  4. Oh those pictures are gorgeous, so organized with everything in it's place!! Thanks for your visit today, really enjoying your blog!
    Take care