Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LOVE fixed windows

I am a little obsessed with fixed window panels above doors.
We will have them above our doors off the living rooms and kitchen at the back of the house and am now conspiring to see where else I can put them without driving hubby and the builder crazy.
 LOVE the internal ones too.
Have fallen in love with the Hamptons style, I guess that's why the queenlanders appeal to me as there are some similarities  in their features.
Now if I can only convince my husband that white slip covers on our lounge would be a good thing.

A few pics from everyones favorite house "Something's gotta Give"

Fixed windows, white slip covers.


Amazing kitchen, more fixed windows.


Love the shelving with the plates.


Next house when I win the lotto.  :-)

Happy Thursday 
Mekaela xx


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me today Mekaela, you have a gorgeous blog and your designs are fabulous. I am off to check out your website as well. xx

  2. Oh! Same! I have two fixed windowsin our building specifications above two internal sliding doors (which will be french style). If our ceiling height and budget will accommodate them I would love them on all the windows in the living spaces too. Mmmmmm.....where else?
    X Briohny.
    PS - I am with you all the way on the Pottery Barn thing. So many gorgeous things!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love those pics and wouldn't I love that shelving. Oh to dream ;)

  4. After I saw the movie with Diane Keaton, I fell in love with the Hampton's style home. I still have that movie just to see the decor and design.

    Rambles with Reese