Friday, August 27, 2010

Sofa Tables

Our little man loves to wedge his foot into the frame on the back of our lounge and flip over on
to the cushions.   Fun, but not good for the lounge.
So considering a new lounge for the new house, how can we discourage him from doing this.
Answer, (other methods not working)  -  Sofa tables.
One behind the lounge and one at the end.

Love these from Riviera Maison, also completely in love with the linen lounge.

A lovely sunny Saturday, going to spend it with friends and champagne after a visit to the 
Valentino exhibition in Bribane.
Have a sunny weekend.

Mekaela xx


  1. Sofa tables sound like a great solution, especially if they are as gorgeous as the ones in the pics!

  2. I have to agree Makeaela, I like sofa tables and have a couple in my house. I also love the look of that couch - very nice. Enjoy the exhibition and the champagne of course! ;-)

  3. Hi, just come over from your other blog!! I love the riviera shop too, its just beautiful..
    have a great weekend!
    laura currie,