Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little Quiet Time

I am now looking forward to moving more than ever.
My son said we should rename our street, Construction Street, as they knock down house after house and replace it with 2 long narrow queenslander replicas.
So I have about 5 sites all banging nail guns, men shouting, drills going and each of them listening to a different radio station at full volume.

I arrived home this morning after dropping the kids to tennis the dog to the vet (again) and a very unpleasant trip to the shops with my tantrum throwing three year old, feeling a little frazzled.
I made a coffee and opened up my issue of this months Country Style magazine that I managed to grab between screams, and a very appropriate gift was with the magazine.

So to keep my sanity I keep this vision in my head.

Fingers crossed that the plans go through quickly.

Happy Monday
Mekaela xx


  1. What a lovely gift to receive and a nice vision to have. I may have to go and buy myself a copy of Country Style and get a gift too! xx

  2. Hi Makaela, yes love the tea towel. I might frame mine. I hope you managed to enjoy your coffee and read the magazine in peace! ;-)

  3. I love free gifts with magazines! And that's a cool phrase that's also great as a poster!

  4. The tea towel is gorgeous and it will get better. I say this whilst looking at our unfinished bedroom, and wishing that it would magically complete itself!

    Leeann x

  5. I had a little chuckle at your post Mekaela - I have three teenagers, and I had similar thoughts when I opened my Country Style, but for very different reasons! Gotta love them, but sometimes they do make you want to pull your hair out! K xx

  6. That view has got to be Samford. We had a very similar view when we lived at Highvale (Samford). This is my first time reading your blog. Very nice.