Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here we go!!!

We got the final approval from the bank on Monday.
Signed contracts with the builder and paying him his deposit today.
Hoping that the plans will fly through council and we will start very soon.

Have decided to go with these cute little glass box cupboards above the standard wall cupboards 
as we will have 3 meter ceilings in the kitchen.

Just had a little trip to DJ's to pick out a new dinner set, found a lovely pale blue one
from Gordan Ramsey and Royal Doulton, yes I know a funny combination but the range is lovely
and simple in the blue or off white.  I love the shape of the plates.  Could only find a pic of the white.

So while I was there I picked up (on sale) a lovely white soup terrine from Maxwell and Williams to put
up in one of the cupboards. It comes with a lovely ceramic ladle, simple classic.


Have a great Wednesday 

M xx


  1. Wow! great news M. So pleased for you.

    Love the terrine too and I agree it will look great in a little kitchen window. Don't buy too much though otherwise you will finish filling the cupboards before you move in. (yep, I did that once!)

    Have fun and enjoy this exciting stage.

  2. Excellent news, how very exciting. The dinner set is lovely and will look great in your kitchen. Happy building!

  3. Things are definitely in motion now, how exciting for you!
    That terrine is gorgeous and will look so wonderful up in your glass cupboard.
    I'm enjoying following your progress:o)

  4. What an inspiring kitchen! I love the idea of the all in one bench seat too! You could squish as many bums on that as necessary! So excited for you!
    X Briohny.

  5. How exciting...I'm sure it will look fabulous! Love your dinner set choice. Tracey xx

  6. Very exciting Mekaela! I've been thinking about getting some of the little box cabinets to fix the side of our kitchen I'm not entirely happy with. They are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your house come together. You have such great style.. Rachaelxx